Solidaritätsstatement mit Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Alex Chow (HK)

Statement in Solidarity with activists Joshua Wong Chi-fung (Scholarism/Demosisto), Nathan Law Kwun-chung and Alex Chow Yong-kang

Long term social activist  and engaged fighter for democracy Joshua Wong was sentenced to 80 hours of community work by the Eastern Magistrate’s Court in Hongkong. He was found guilty of unlawful assembly. His comrades Nathan Law Kwun-chung and Alex Chow Yong-kang were also sentenced to similar but even harsher verdicts.

We strongly condemn this attack on the freedom of speech and on citizens‘ rights in Hongkong. In 2015/16 the Marburg film series of „War and Peace“ (see here) ran the documentary “Lessons in Dissent” about the struggle of the student’s movement Scholarism against the implementation of the National Education Plan in Hongkong, a plan which was strongly influenced by Beiing’s interests. Scholarism also played a leading role in the rise of the so called „Umbrella revolution“, the 2014 democratic Hong Kong protests fighting against a restrictive reform of the electoral system, which was violently brought to an end by state organs. While we tried to host Joshua Wong as our distinguished speaker on the evening of our film screening, this was made impossible by the fact that he had to appear in court on the very day that we would have run the film and the discussion with him. He agreed to have a Skype conversation with him, which can be listened to here


While we sat back watching the film about the struggles of Scholarism and the Umbrella revolution, Joshua Wong had to go to court and and is now found guilty.

We are shocked and outraged at the practice of the state officials and the Eastern Magistrate’s Court in Hongkong. In defence of democratic principles and the interests of freedom and the liberties of people around the world we strongly protest against the practice of the Hongkong government and judicial system.

We ask:

the sentence and the indictment against Joshua Wong, his comrades, Scholarism and all other social activists for participating in the peaceful pro-Democracy movement being completely and unanimously revoked;

the discrimination against and the intimidation of political and social activists in Hongkong and everywhere else in the world be ended;

the persecution and police repression, as well as the arbitrary surveillance of said activists to be suspended immediately;

Solidarity with Joshua Wong and his comrades!

Solidarity to all radical democrats! Solidarity to the nonviolent struggles around the world!

Signed by:

Executive committee for the annual FuK-Film series „War and Peace“ 2015-2016

Executive committee for the annual FuK-Film series „War and Peace“ 2016-2017

Student Union for the students of Peace and Conflict Studies „Fukschaft“

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