Iivika, 2. Semester MA FuK, DAAD-Stipendiatin aus Estland schreibt:

„I have been making my Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies in Marburg already for almost a year. I would summarize the time spent here with just being „awesome“. Marburg itself is tiny but nevertheless gives you many opportunities to fill your free time. There is always something happening in this city where nearly every fourth person has something to do with the university.

And the studies themselves have even exceeded my expectations. The seminars are interdisciplinary and practical, giving room for your own initiative. Discussions are lively and your professors are more than competent and eager to answer questions. You get to work a lot in teams when preparing presentations, but are also given individual tasks to come up with your own projects and other works.

Hope you will enjoy Marburg as much as I have.“