Undergraduate Program (Minor)

Undergraduate offers: Peace and Conflict Studies

In the undergraduate programs of Geography, Orient Studies, Social Studies and Political Science the export module of Peace and Conflict Studies has a basic and an extended offer. Depending on the course and the specialisation either the basic offer or both strands can be chosen.

The basic offer is fundamentally the same structure each year: General issues and the working methods of Peace and Conflict Studies will be introduced. Each winter semester (which is longer than Michelmaes term! Keep this in mind if you have been studying at a British university before. The German university system only knows 2 semesters each academic year, not 3 terms!) an introductory group lecture on general issues of war, peace, violence and conflict as well as exemplary conflict analyses and conflict regulation models is held. This lecture will be given by researchers from within and outside the academy, providing a strong nexus of theory and practice. The additional tutorial aims at giving students ample space to analyse, simulate and present a conflict in an interdisciplinary setting of students. How the conflict will be presented methodologically and by what means is up to the students. The summer semester will allow students to take the courses on “social theories of conflict” and “forms of conflit regulation”, depending on their general course of study. Both seminars work with theoretical as well as practical approaches to the subjects discussed in class. Usually the basic offer is held in German. A sound proficiency in German is strongly advocated. However, many academic texts will also be in English.

The extended offer consists of a variety of additional seminars. They may be seminars on Conflict Analysis or Role Plays on Conflict Regulations. These seminars aim to deepen students’ knowledge about conflict understanding, analysis and regulation.

No restrictions apply to any export modules for the undergraduate programmes. Due to high demand on the seminars, however, only a limited number of places in each seminar are available. This has to be considered in planning your course of study. Please contact the coordinator for your undergraduate program as well as the coordinator for Peace and Conflict Studies for questions.