Freshers Week 2018

In the week preceeding term start (08th – 10th October) we hold a welcome week for the new students in the master programs FuK and PACS.

Most of the programme will be for both FuK/P&C and PACS students and thus will be (mostly) in English. However, on Monday morning and afternoon we’ll have specific introductory sessions for FuK and PACS students. The other group is invited to sleep a bit longer.


Monday, October 8th

Place: PhilFak (Wilhelm-Röpke-Strasse 6, Block B), Room 05B05

10:00 – ca.12:00
for German FuK/P&C students
PACS: come around 12:00!

Welcome, Introduction to the study program with Prof. Bonacker

12:00 – ca.14:00

Meet-and-Greet with the student union, lecturers and academic staff

for PACS students

Introduction for PACS students with Prof. Thorsten Bonacker
19:00 at PhilFak traditional walk to one of Marburg’s most unusual places. Bring torches!!

Tuesday, October 9th

Place: PhilFak (Wilhelm-Röpke-Strasse 6, Block B), Room 05B05


Breakfast with everybody, a nice way to meet and chat with your fellow classmates and some of the staff


Presentation of a variety of different projects and ways to participate in Peace and Conflict Studies (student union, initiatives, gender certificate, conference from below, film series, Erasmus, etc.)
15:00 Place: CNMS Barbecue!

Wednesday, October 10th

ca. 18:00, Meet us at the market square!

Hop on and off Flatshare-Rallye / Get to know new cozy places in Marburg and eat a lot of good food!

 On Friday (10:30 am) and Sunday (10:30 am) we highly recommand you the interactive postcolonial city walk. It is organized by Weltladen Marburg, the meeting point is Jägerdenkmal im Schülerpark Marburg.

More information here


Further Information:

  • Info brochure by the university for new arrivals (GERMAN): New in Marburg
  • HOW TO do email and internet connection at the Uni Marburg (ENGLISH): HOW TO…
  • Presentation with info on technicalities HERE