FuK in Marburg

Even though Peace and Conflict Studies (German abbreviation: FuK) is of utmost societal relevance, its academic representation is rather small. Those interested in the subject thus obviously look for the places to study it. The answer to this question of “where” is simple to us: in Marburg, of course!

Peace and Conflict Studies has been established in Marburg in 1996. Since then a renowned master program, export modules to a range of BA-programmes in Orient Studies, Social Studies, Political Science, Geographie as well as old minors in diploma and Magister programs have been developed and are being taught. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities to study Peace and Conflict Studies in Marburg:

Informationen on the undergraduate program

Informationen on the postgraduate program

Informationen on the double-degree postgraduate program in cooperation of Marburg (DE) and Kent/Canterbury (UK)

Informationen on your (potential) future home: Marburg

Reports of veteran students of Peace and Conflict Studies in Marburg