Urgent: New developments in the case of Joshua Wong

We have recently published a post condemning the sentencing of Joshua Wong and his comrades. Today we express our deep concerns with the conduct of the Border Guards, Immigration Officials and Government of Thailand in handling Joshua Wong and their complicity with the central Chinese government’s attempts to restrict Joshua in his movements and actions.

As has been reported, Joshua had been arrested and questioned upon arrival in Thailand last week and then sent back to HongKong. It has also been reported that this has been action taken by the Thai government upon request by the Chinese authorities and is in no way the first of such incidents.

We strongly condemn the restriction to the freedom of movement and the severe harm to the civil and political rights and liberties of Joshua Wong and all activists for social progress!

We urge the governments to refrain from such measures!

Solidarity with the struggle for demcracy,

the Executive Council of the Peace and Conflict Film Series 2015/2016