kvu 2017

“Who are I? Who am we?“

kvu 2017 – a conference on critical discussions of concepts of identity

numerous submissions for contributions to the “konferenz von unten” 2017 have added up to a diverse and inspiring programme. We are happy to announce the exciting workshops held by exciting people: students, neuroscientists, prison critics, former members of the “identitäre Bewegung”, syrian activists and all sorts of other everyday experts are coming to Marburg to explore various aspects of identity with you from the 27th to 29th October 2017.

The only missing part for an enriching weekend full of gripping inputs and conversations: a curious and active audience, ready to arouse the conference!
Check our website for more information:

We try to offer workshops in English language throughout the whole weekend; for those held in German language we are confident we’ll find someone who offers whisper translation. If you need a place to stay, just let us know. We will try to offer you private accommodation.

What´s the conference all about?

We want to look into the supposedly rigid concepts of individual and collective identities – and try to go beyond it. Do we need such concepts to be able to comprehend ourselves and others? How do identities affect our encounters and demarcations? What power do identities possess and what power structures are they subject to?

kvu – interactive conference on the critical discussion of identity

when? : 27th to 29th of October 2017
where? : Marburg, Barfüßerstraße 1 (Motologie building)
why? : come and find out
fee? : a big grin or what else you would like to donate

Program and workshop descriptions online:

Registration online:

So – come with your friends and granddads and explore the kvu2017!

We can’t wait to see you there.

the kvu team


What is the Conference from Below (kvu)?

The Conference from Below 2017 is organized by students from the MA Peace and Conflict Studies Marburg and some other keen people. Through interactive workshops, the conference aims to offer a place free from hierarchy for transdisciplinary exchange among people with diverse professional, academic, practical or activist backgrounds.
More info: https://konferenzvonunten.de/en/ueber/