Alumni Network of the Center for Conflict Studies

The alumni network of the Center for Conflict Studies is a free association of former students of the English and German-language master programs. The network aims to establish a more formal structure of alumni work for Marburg CCS students.

Currently, members of the network organise small events (virtual meetings, lectures, etc.) on issues of peace work post-graduation (in academia, practical peace work nationally and abroad). For PACS students, the network has piloted a buddy-system this semester. It aims at assisting newly arriving PACS students in orienting themselves more easily and in coming into contact with other students quicker.

The alumni network is open for the participation of all former students of Marburg CCS programs and is an open and voluntary coordinating group. The network has administrative support from the CCS.

Contact: zfk-alu((at))
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Alumni mailing list: If you want to be included in the email distribution list please send an email directly to CCS (konflikt((at)) This list has no formal affiliation to the network but is organised by the Center for Conflict Studies. All alumni can post job offers, events, lectures, etc. on this list.